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Jade, Jurassic fossils


Cliffsand roads as they changed over time

3_Omi Coast3_Omi Coast

Jade Coast of the Jomon Period

4_Omigawa Jade Gorge4_Omigawa Jade Gorge

Geological phenomena from the depths of the earth


Strata and rocks - evidence of the formation of the Fossa Magna


Tectonic line and the Salt Trail (northern section) – an old route along a major fault


Sinkholes, alpine flora

8_Hashidate Gold Mine8_Hashidate Gold Mine

Itoigawa’s largest remaining gold mine

Kotakigawa Jade Gorge9_Kotakigawa Jade Gorge

Home of jade and a great limestone rock wall

10_Tsugami Shindo10_Tsugami Shindo

Learn all along this trail, from 0 to 3,000m
Photo Ken Ono

11_Himekawa Gorge via the Oito Line11_Himekawa Gorge by Oito Line

A trip along the gorge by train


Tectonic Line and the Salt Trail (southern section) – an old route along a major fault

13_Himekawa Gorge13_Himekawa Gorge

Weathering and erosion of great mountains


Volcanic fumaroles, wetlands formed by glacial action

15_ltoigawa Coast15_ltoigawa Coast

Eroded sand dunes, jade washed up on the coast

16_Miyama Park and Museums16_Miyama Park and Museums

Itoigawa Geopark Information Center


Landslides, terraced rice fields and a stone image of Buddha

18_Umidani Gorge18_Umidani Gorge

Large cross-section of a volcano that was once underwater.


One of the 100 famous mountains of Japan


Hot spring and disaster prevention work at an active volcano


Marine culture supported by an undersea volcano


Volcanoes and hills that were once underwater


Wonderful geologically active area in the mountains

24_Tsutsuishi Hamatokuai24_Tsutsuishi Hamatokuai

Beautifully intercalated strata of sandstone and mudstone, and a fishing village

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Enjoy all of Itoigawa Geopark’s 24 thematic geosites and learn about the
500 million year history of the Japanese Archipelago.