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Itoigawa Kenkamatsuri Festival

[Dates] April 10 to 11 [Location] Amatsu Shrine

Itoigawa Kenkamatsuri Festival is the spring festival of Amatsu Shrine. The scene is always spectacular, as two groups of young men from the Oshiage and Teramachi districts carry their mikoshi (portable shrines) on their shoulders and push hard one against the other in a fight (kenka). Following this contest is a performance of elegant Bugaku court dance and music dedicated to the god of the shrine, which provides a stirring contrast to the fighting activity.


Nou Hakusan Shrine Spring Festival

[Date] April 24 [Location] Nou Hakusan Shrine

In this springtime festival of the Nou Hakusan Shrine, participants carry three mikoshi (portable shrines) on their shoulders as part of the Ohashiri (a run around the shrine grounds). Following the Ohashiri, a Bugaku court dance designated as a Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Japan is dedicated to the god of the shrine. The festival reaches its climax at dusk, when the Ryoou (Dragon King) performs a dance to the setting sun.



Oyashirazu beach

Oyashirazu beach is one of the most popular beaches in Niigata, attracting both residents and visitors alike. The enchanting colors of the sea and the spectacular sunsets over the Sea of Japan are breathtaking. Why not try some snorkeling?


Renge Onsen Hot Spring

The Renge Onsen hot springs resort sits at an elevation of 1,475 meters and offers picturesque views. The resort features an indoor bath and four outdoor hot springs, each with a unique mineral composition. Besides the many hot springs, you can also enjoy hiking.

Hakubadake Renge Onsen Lodge
991 Otokoro, Itoigawa-City
TEL.090-2524-7237(satellite phone)
※Open from late March to mid-October
Automobiles are allowed in from late June to mid-October.


Fudotaki Falls

The legendary Dragon god is said to live in the basin of this 70m high waterfall. Walkways and campsites provide a comfortable park-like setting for those who enjoy cool summers.



Maseguchi Onsen Hot Spring

Located in Nou valleyi, Maseguchi Onsen is a hot spring resort nestled at the foot of Mt. Gongendake and Mt. Hokogatake. The hot spring provides a source of relaxation after a summer hike or climb, or after a round of skiing in winter. Guests of this mountain resort can also enjoy fresh seafood, making it a popular destination.

Accommodation at Maseguchi Onsen resort

Gongenso Hotel

26-1 Tamugidaira, Itoigawa-City

Taigakuso Hotel

1097-1 Maseguchi, Itoigawa-City

Yamashiroya Hotel

1057-2 Maseguchi, Itoigawa-City


Otetekomai Festival

[Dates] August 31 to September 1
[Location] Hiyoshi Shrine

The Otetekomai Festival is a traditional folk art performance of Yamadera village in Nechi valley, and has been designated as a Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Japan. The celebration begins on the eve of the festival, and the elegant and fanciful festivities fill the mountain village with entertaining dance and the beautiful sounds of musical instruments.



Sasakura Onsen Hot Spring

The rich concentration of sodium bicarbonate and the unique mineral composition of this hot spring are very gentle on the skin. This resort is famous for serving delicious Onsengohan rice and Onsengayu rice porridge, cooked in the hot waters of the spring.

Accommodation at Sasakura Onsen resort

Ryuunso Hotel

5804 Odaira, Itoigawa-City 949-1221


Omi Takenokarakai Festival

[Date] January 15 [Location] In front of Omi Station

This traditional Lunar New Year event, held in Omi, is a one-of-a-kind festival that has been designated as a Significant Intangible Folk Cultural Asset of Japan. This annual event is held to foretell the season’s agricultural and fishery yields and to pray for good harvests for the coming year. Participants with uniquely painted faces perform a tug-of-war with bamboo, pulling to the east or west.