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Kotaki Jade Gorge

Kotaki Jade Gorge is a famous and historically significant jade producing site. In the river that cuts through this gorge lie massive boulders of raw jadeite and other beautiful stones.
Rising above the gorge is an imposing rock wall that forms the southern face of Mt. Myojo. The contrast between the surrounding gorge and this lofty rock wall provides spectacular scenery.
Mt. Myojo itself was formed from coral reefs which were lifted from the seafloor by plate tectonics some 300 million years ago. As a result, the mountain is host to a myriad of fossilized sea and plant life. Mt. Myojo is also well-known as a rock climbing destination.
Kotaki Jade Gorge, the oldest jade producing site in Japan, has had a profound influence on the fields of archaeology and gemology in Japan.
In some eastern countries, jade has been believed since ancient times to have the power to ward off evil spirits and bring good fortune.
Visit the Kotaki Jade Gorge to feel the power of large jade boulders purified with the clear waters of Kotaki river!

Hot Springs

yachihokonoyu_1_000.jpg In Itoigawa, there are many different types of natural hot springs, all of which boast abundant water and excellent quality. You can enjoy the various benefits of hot spring bathing in each location: mild waters that promote silky smooth skin, and salty waters that warm both body and soul.
Soak in a bath continuously filled with fresh hot mountain spring water while taking in the natural scenery stretching out before you and the sound of gentle streams, and discover true peace and relaxation for mind and body.

Takanaminoike Pond

525929_381025495288591_1098870217_n.jpgWith majestic Mt Myojo rising behind it, this pond in the mountains is brimming with water all year round. Locally famous for the legend of a massive fish spotted in its depths, it is a popular natural landmark boasting a mysterious atmosphere.
In addition to camping, fishing, and other activities, you can enjoy fresh, handmade soba noodles prepared by locals at the restaurant on the banks of the pond.


Itoigawa is the only jadeite producing region in Japan.
Since ancient times, people have worn jade as a charm to protect themselves and bring them luck. Jade has also been revered as a symbol of immortality and of those with great power. If you wear greenish-cream colored Itoigawa jade, you may experience its calming effect firsthand.
During a tour of Itoigawa, visitors have many opportunities to see jade up close, both in nature and in displays throughout the town.
Along the beaches and rivers of Itoigawa, there are many kinds of stones to see, including jade and a local healing stone known as yakuseki. Collecting interesting and beautiful stones is one of many fun activities that attract visitors to Itoigawa every year. How about strolling along Itoigawa's beaches and rivers to find your favorite stones?